Led lighting systems

Shenzhen SkyView Photoelectric Co.,Ltd , a Chinese business group, is a pioneer in the manufacture and international distribution of LED lights.

Realight designs, produces and sell the full range of LED products, responding to the varied needs and styles of indoor and outdoor lighting, industrial, commercial, architectural or urban.

Green Ways, a Spanish energy service provider (IDAE), is the exclusive distributor of Realight products for the Spanish market, opting for a sustainable future through lower energy consumption. We offer most competitive process from factory, with Spanish guarantee.

Realight is the best option.

But LED lighting advantages and benefits compared to conventional lighting go further:

  • - Lowest energy consumption of all existing lighting technologies, often reaching savings of over 70% compared to conventional systems. A LED bulb turns in light 90% of electricity consumed , while incandescent bulbs make light only 10% of the energy they consume.

  • - Most cost-effective lighting system that exists.

  • - Itīs a cold source of light that emits no heat, avoiding warming-related failures.

  • - It does not melt, and its length is more than 50.000 hours without maintenance.

  • - Environmentally friendly and sustainable.


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